Katyusha now has a website.


NotLemon here. Since I’m actually bothering to do things and didn’t really have anywhere to post what I was doing, thought it was time to make a small blog since that seems to be the thing.

Nothing is really gonna change, all releases will be posted instantly on bato.to, with links and DDL now being posted here. I also upload Mitsuboshi Colors straight to dynasty-scans.

As for present updates:
Mitsuboshi Colors: continuining sort-of-weekly, Ch7/8 pretty much done, working on 9.
Jansou no Saeko-san: sort-of-on-hold since I just do whatever is fun.
Termina: Decided we are gonna keep doing this since it’s cool, ch2 is just being checked over, will be up soon.

Anyway, thanks for all the support and shit so far.