Katyusha 2017

Lot’s of stuff to do this year.

Firstly, switching from mediafire to mega, so that’s all probably done now. Adjusted to a consistant file naming format as well (fucking Daiz). Also cleaned up all the crap on Madokami.

You can view the Mega folder containing all uploads here:

I’ve also made a Trello board to help me keep track of what chapter is where a bit easier, so you can see how little progress I make in real time:


Jansou no Saeko-san
Penchan from FKMTKrazy will now be jumping in and providing translation for Jansou no Saeko-san, and to celebrate it finally restarting, I have re-lettered all previously released chapters because they were awful. The new versions are now on Mega and Bato.to.

Mitsuboshi Colors
All previous chapters (1-17) have had a quick v2 (v3, v4…) to improve some lettering a bit, and I got rid of that stupid Chubacca title. The final two chapters of volume 2 are almost done and I’ve already cleaned the entirety of the new volume 3, so just need translation there. These are also on Mega and Bato.to

Gendai Majo no Shuushoku Jijou
Translator MIA. Volume 3 came out recently but still to grab it.

Much thanks again to Elemhunter and Laika, I’ve now started cleaning the tank scans up for this and chapter 1 is pretty much re-done. I’ll be re-doing the first three chapters and upload them along with 4 when it’s finished. Lot of work but I’m glad that this’ll be available in a not-shitty-ebook quality.

No plans to pick up other series until a couple of ours are either caught up or complete, but I’ll possibly be lending a hand from time to time on other projects. However there are some things I’d be really interested in starting at some point, Kenrantaru Grande Scène being one of them.

If you’d like to help out at all or have some questions/comments, feel free to get in touch!


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