General News: 2016-10

Gendai Majo no Shuushoku Jijou
At the moment I’m still really looking for a translator to jump in on this, all other roles taken care of and anybody interested is free to be as involved as they wish, no hassle with rushes or deadlines.

Jansou no Saeko-san
Also sort-of-been-on-hold for a bit, anybody interested in doing the translation for this one too, let me know.

Mitsuboshi Colors
Working through it, Volume 2 still has┬áchapters 16-19 to go which are mostly done, will get there soon. Volume 3 is out this month so that’ll be coming in too.

Put this on hold since I hated the crappy ebook copy, fortunately Elem at Dead Scanlations is scanning the tank for me. I’ll redo the earlier chapters and then it’ll start back up again.

RCUM3OW from mentioned this one to me, it looked cool so I decided to take a stab at it a few days ago. So far 14/25 chapters roughly done, meaning┬áreleases for this might start popping up soon when I’m happy with the quality.






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